Thank you, donors!


The Milk Not Jails Tote Bag

To say thank you to all to donors who helped us raise $22,500 last year, Milk Not Jails has sent out hundreds of hand-painted cards, patches, zines, produce baskets, and canvas bags.  A fundraising campaign through brought in moral and financial support from over 350 people and organizations.  Donors at different levels received different gifts.

In addition to all our donors, we would like to thank Conuco Farm, Evolutionary Organics, Afrikan Zion Organic Roots, Frolic Farm, Sparrowbush CSA, Ronnybrook Dairy, Hawthorne Valley Farm, Greyrock Farm CSA, Rabble Rouser, Bed-Stuy Farm Share, Underground Alchemy, Streetlight Gardens, and 5 lbs. of Dirt Farm for so generously donating ice cream, butter, squash, lamb, granola, sauerkraut, eggs, garlic, potatoes, and greens to make the produce baskets.  If you did not receive your gift please email us at milknotjails[at]  For those of you who want another tote bag or patch, stay tuned to this site, we’ll be offering Milk Not Jails merchandise through an online store shortly.

Produce Baskets went to donors of $100 or more

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