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Our mission to end mass incarceration in New York is getting press attention from different continents.  German television station On-3 produced a five minute segment about our work.  Most of the video is interviews with our founder, Lauren, and our driver, Kevin so it’s understandable to a non-German-speaking audience.  Click on over!

In March 2010, Lauren Melodia was finishing a cold winter in a rural New York prison town.  She had moved upstate with the ambitious plan of organizing residents to end the town’s economic dependence on incarceration.  It was not going well. “I thought my community development experience and my dedication would convince people to work […]

Advocacy organization and start-up business Milk Not Jails announced their policy agenda today.  Outlining four criminal justice and four agriculture demands, the agenda calls on the New York State government to create a new urban-rural relationship. Ahead of New York’s budget finalization, Milk Not Jails developed a policy agenda that is budget neutral.  It will […]

To say thank you to all to donors who helped us raise $22,500 last year, Milk Not Jails has sent out hundreds of hand-painted cards, patches, zines, produce baskets, and canvas bags.  A fundraising campaign through brought in moral and financial support from over 350 people and organizations.  Donors at different levels received different gifts. […]