2014 Dairy & Egg Share Offerings

We provide full shares (delivered every week) and half-shares (delivered every-other week) of the following products. In order to make weekly delivery feasible, we need to drop off $200 per week (that’s about 40 items). Below is the list of farms and items we offer.  Offer all of them or pick and choose what you think your members want most. Prices are for items per week. To calculate your share price for the season, simply multiply the price per week of any item by the total number of CSA distribution weeks. Please contact us before you finalize your application so we can verify that everything is clear and correct. And feel free to contact us at milknotjails@gmail.com or (917) 719-MILK anytime with questions!


  • Bethel Creamery (Bethel, NY) is a first generation certified organic, kosher dairy farm. Our milk is chalav yisrael (constant rabbinic supervision during milking and processing) under the supervision of Rabbi Dovid Miller of Monsey, NY. We have a closed herd of Jersey and Holstein cross cows which graze our lush pastures from May to November and eat our home-grown hay during the winter months.
  • Cowbella Creamery (Jefferson, NY) was founded in 1817. Our 30-cow Jersey dairy is home to the 5th, 6th, and 7th generations of our family. Shannon and her mother Gail started Cowbella to preserve their family’s legacy. Every batch of yogurt is handmade and we use only natural ingredients, never any fillers, thickeners, or preservatives.
  • Dirty Girl Farm (Andes, NY) is the smallest licensed goat creamery in New York State selling low-pasteurized, whole milk and soft cheeses. Their milk is fresh and not too “goaty.”
  • Hawthorne Valley Farm (Ghent, NY) is a certified organic farm using biodynamic farming practices for over 35 years. Our farming practices reflect our commitment to protecting the health of the earth and all who live on it, and our education and outreach programs strive to raise awareness of the social, ecological, and economic importance of agriculture.
  • Ronnybrook Farm (Ancramdale, NY) At Ronnybrook, our cows are like family to us. They are the offspring of a long line of prizewinning Holsteins that the Osofsky family has raised for nearly 70 years. We use no pesticides on our fields, manure is our fertilizer of choice and we use cropping techniques that promote healthy soil. Our cow’s diet is a healthy, natural one.
  • Tello’s Green Farm (Red Hook, NY) is a certified naturally grown farm dedicated to providing you with rich eggs from healthy, happy chickens. Originally a Veterinarian in his home country of Columbia, Nestor Tello gives his hens a natural diet, plenty of space to roam and peck and never uses any chemicals or antibiotics. You can see and taste the difference. Read more.
  • Tonjes Dairy (Calicoon, NY) is tucked away in the rolling hills of Sullivan County, in the Western Catskill Mountains. Our cows are grass-fed, turned out on pasture and fed hay and forage from our farm in the winter. We maintain a closed herd, which means we raise our own animals. They are never given BST growth hormones or animal based feeds. No herbicides are used on our fields. Tonjes Dairy supplements their cows diets with non-GMO grains during the winter, as well.

2014 Dairy & Egg Shares – Weekly and Half-Shares Available

Unless noted, these farms are not certified organic. Many dairy farmers choose not to become certified organic, because then they will no longer be allowed to treat their cows with antibiotics if they are sick. However, we have visited all of these farms, and they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers, they give their animals ample space to graze and be outside daily, and they have small herds where the family farms that care for them call the cows by name. Read above For further details on each specific farm.



Milk (Half Gallons) – $5 per week
*Choose whole (Tonjes Dairy), low-fat or non-fat milk (Ronnybrook Farm)

Organic, Chalav Yisrael Milk (Half Gallons) – $6 per week (Bethel Creamery)

Milk (Glass Quarts) – $4.50 per week (including $1.50 bottle deposit for each delivery returned at end of season if bottles were returned to us)
*Choose whole, low-fat or non-fat milk (Ronnybrook Farm)

Milk (Plastic Quarts) – $3.25 per week
*Only available in whole milk (Tonjes Dairy)

Goat’s Milk – Only available in whole (Dirty Girl Farm)
(Half Gal) – $10 per week
(Quarts) – $6 per week

Half & Half (12 oz.) – $2.75 per week (Ronnybrook Farm)


free-range, certified naturally grown
1 dozen – $5 per week (Tello’s Green Farm)



Plain Yogurt (Quarts) – $4.00 per week
*Choose whole (Hawthorne Valley Farm – Organic) or non-fat (Cowbella Creamery)

Maple Vanilla Yogurt (Quarts) – $4.50 per week (Hawthorne Valley Farm – Organic)
*Only available in whole

Greek Yogurt (Pint) – $7.00 (Tonjes Dairy)
*Only available in whole



Butter (8 oz) $3.50 per week (Ronnybrook)
*Choose salted, unsalted or garlic butter

Butter Variety (8 oz) – $3.50 per week (Ronnybrook)
*Select the butter variety share and receive one 8 oz tub of butter each week, rotating between salted, unsalted, garlic and cinnamon


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