Who We Are

Here are some photos of our members in action and with some of our favorite collaborators:

Milk Not Jails is a multi-stakeholder cooperative of farmers, formerly incarcerated people, and social justice activist and organizational members.  We all work together to educate urban and rural New Yorkers, organize actions and rallies to pressure New York State to pass our Policy Agenda, and run our dairy marketing and distribution company – from farm to shelf.  We are a diverse group of people coming together in a unique partnership that we hope will result in big change that can be enjoyed across New York State and provide a model of how to transition beyond the prison industrial complex for people across the country.  Join our moooovement by attending one of our monthly meetings which are always held from 6:30-8:30pm on the third Wednesday of each month at our office, 69 9th St., Brooklyn, NY.


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