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Last week a federal lawsuit against stop-and-frisk took major steps forward, and a decision by Judge Shira Scheindlin about whether the suit can proceed as a class action is soon expected. The suit, originally filed in 2008, accuses the NYPD, Ray Kelly, Mayor Bloomberg, the city, and several individual officers of using the practice of […]

Advocacy organization and start-up business Milk Not Jails announced their policy agenda today.  Outlining four criminal justice and four agriculture demands, the agenda calls on the New York State government to create a new urban-rural relationship. Ahead of New York’s budget finalization, Milk Not Jails developed a policy agenda that is budget neutral.  It will […]

The latest bellwether of New York State’s growing dairy industry is the Greek yogurt market.  The New York Times reported last week that sales of the product are way up and “New York’s dairy farmers are among the biggest beneficiaries of the public’s love affair with Greek yogurt.” The Greek yogurt trend will mean at […]

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke briefly about the state’s prisons system in his State of the State address Wednesday saying, “We closed 3,800 prison beds because we finally realized that prison operation is not economic development.”  He included the closures on a list of his top-five accomplishments of the past year. The Governor is right in […]