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Our mission to end mass incarceration in New York is getting press attention from different continents.  German television station On-3 produced a five minute segment about our work.  Most of the video is interviews with our founder, Lauren, and our driver, Kevin so it’s understandable to a non-German-speaking audience.  Click on over!

Milk Not Jails is now open for business!  Two dairy farms have officially signed on to support the Milk Not Jails Political Platform, and it is now our job to show them how much New York’s consumers care about criminal justice reform!  We need you and your organization’s support now! We are currently selling Milk Not Jails […]

Milk Not Jails says New York should promote dairy farming, not incarceration, for rural jobs. Robert Hillary King has been turning prison into a dairy treat in a different way. King, a former political prisoner, makes “King’s Freelines,” a praline-esque candy, using evaporated milk and pecans.  He perfected the recipe while locked up in Louisiana’s […]