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Milk Not Jails is now open for business!  Two dairy farms have officially signed on to support the Milk Not Jails Political Platform, and it is now our job to show them how much New York’s consumers care about criminal justice reform!  We need you and your organization’s support now! We are currently selling Milk Not Jails […]

Advocacy organization and start-up business Milk Not Jails announced their policy agenda today.  Outlining four criminal justice and four agriculture demands, the agenda calls on the New York State government to create a new urban-rural relationship. Ahead of New York’s budget finalization, Milk Not Jails developed a policy agenda that is budget neutral.  It will […]

Adam Davidson, economics journalist and Wall Street apologist, turned his attention to dairy farming in today’s New York Times. Davidson borrows the language of the Occupy movement and he rightly points out that when financial markets allow the bundling and trading of agriculture futures, small-scale farmers suffer.  Only big farms can monitor and trade their risk. […]

Dairy products go through several steps before they reach our table.  Now there is an online tool that can help us learn more about our sour cream’s long trek.  Where Is My Milk From was developed by Travis Fitzgerald.  It uses the state and plant code on the side of most dairy product containers to […]

The latest bellwether of New York State’s growing dairy industry is the Greek yogurt market.  The New York Times reported last week that sales of the product are way up and “New York’s dairy farmers are among the biggest beneficiaries of the public’s love affair with Greek yogurt.” The Greek yogurt trend will mean at […]