June 8, 2011 Cortland, NY – Today MILK NOT JAILS was awarded the 2011 Best Overall Entry in the Cortland County Dairy Day Parade by the Cortland County Dairy Promotion Committee.  Members of the MILK NOT JAILS campaign from Madison, Onondaga, Sullivan and Kings counties converged in Cortland, NY yesterday.  They brought with them a spectacle to share with the cheering crowds who were lined up along Main Street for the county’s biggest annual event.

The MILK NOT JAILS parade entry included MILK NOT JAIL’s very own stilt-walking Dairy Queen, “Creamy,” MILK NOT JAIL’s ice cream cone mascot, a 5 foot tall milk carton and the musical stylings of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. The nutrition facts side of the giant milk carton reads, “Incarcerating people is not a jobs program,” a quote from Governor Cuomo’s 2011 State of the State address.

“We really didn’t know how we would be received here in Cortland,” said campaign organizer Lauren Melodia.  “Everyone seemed very excited by our demand that tax dollars be redirected away from the prison system and toward the agricultural economy.”

One of the policy concerns MILK NOT JAILS shared with people at the parade yesterday was the NYPD’s targeting of Black and Latino neighborhoods through its illegal frisks and searches program.   Please join MILK NOT JAILS now in calling on Mayor Bloomberg to end this racially-biased, destructive policy by signing this petition today.

With the award from the Cortland County Dairy Promotion Committee under their belt, MILK NOT JAILS is gearing up to participate in other rural, upstate parades and county fairs this summer, where it hopes to work with local residents to finalize its 10-point political platform and launch a new line of political dairy products.  Interested in joining in the parade? Contact MILK NOT JAILS at milknotjails[a] or join our next campaign meeting, Tuesday, June 21st from 6:30-8:30pm at 666 Broadway in Manhattan.  You can also call into the meeting at (712) 775-7200; Access Code 257779#.



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