New Stuff! Upcoming Events!


Over the past 6 months, MILK NOT JAILS has traveled across New York State to educate the public about the problems with our state’s criminal justice system and upstate development policies.  We believe that a new urban-rural relationship can radically improve sentencing policy, mass incarceration and rural economic development.  This year, we’ve organized ice cream socials with partnering organizations in Syracuse, Albany, Ithaca, Buffalo, the Bronx and Brooklyn.  We’ve received positive feedback from current and formerly incarcerated individuals, politicians, farmers, academics, lawyers, journalists, prison families, religious leaders and more.

With all of this momentum and encouragement, we are now faced with the exciting challenge: how do we create opportunities for dairy farmers and people who demand criminal justice changes to build new economic and political relationships together?  We need your help to build this campaign into a real, dynamic solution to the problems our state is facing.  Don’t worry, this is not an end-of-year appeal for money.  We just want you to participate in our campaign.

Please join us today in doing the following:

  1. Read the new MILK NOT JAILS primer on our website to learn more about the campaign strategy.  Then share it with someone else.
  2. Fill out our online survey. We need to know where you purchase your groceries, so we can start creating the MILK NOT JAILS brand.  It only takes 5 minutes!
  3. Endorse the Campaign. Become an official member of the MILK NOT JAILS   campaign. Are you affiliated with an organization? Ask your group to officially endorse MILK NOT JAILS.  Fill out our online endorsement form here today.
  4. Attend our January Campaign Meeting. We are having our first  meeting Tuesday, January 18, 2011 from 6:30-8:30pm in New York City.  Find out more about the campaign’s plans and goals. Help us define the MILK NOT JAILS political platform. Get involved! Join us in person or on the phone!  The meeting will be located at 666 Broadway, 6th Floor between Bond & Bleecker Streets in Manhattan.  Not in NYC? Join the meeting by phone! Dial (712) 775-7200; The Access Code is 257779#. Mark your calendars today!
  5. Join us at our next Ice Cream Social. On Wednesday, January 26, 2011 from 7-9pm we will be hosting an ice cream social at Exit Art Gallery in Manhattan.  Sabrina Jones and Kevin Pyle, illustrators of the Real Cost of Prisons Comix, will make special presentations at this event.  Mark your calendars today!

Please share these updates with your family, neighbors, friends and colleagues. If you would like us to  make a presentation to a group you are involved with, please let us know. Thank you for your time and support. We hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful holiday and new year!


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